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Programme and Project Delivery

Right from the start, Investigo programme and project delivery differentiates itself from the other services on the market. Our unique delivery pattern is based upon tasks and activities, not on occupancy or the duration of the role.

The benefits to our clients are:

- Tasks and activities delivered to the method prescribed i.e. Agile or Waterfall

- Tasks and activities measured by outcome and not duration

- Utilisation of the right talent to bring you the right outcome

- Domain expertise, not just experience

- Statements of work mapped to outcomes

- Measurement and delivery of the underpinning benefits

- Flexibility and agility

- Rapid mobilisation and execution

- Cost optimisation

- Governance of security, risk and issue management, and oversight and execution of change


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Sourcing as a Service 

Sourcing as a Service differentiates itself by mirroring the client’s objectives in the requirements. This ensures that responding parties have a full knowledge of the client’s expectations and do not give a generic response. The inherent value of this approach is the reduction in time from supplier selection to evaluation, avoiding protracted negotiations due to the accompanying term sheet. We work to a client standard contract rather than adopting terms that favour the supplier and leave unrealistic obligations on the client.

As experts in our sourcing model, our light touch core team are supplemented for only the period required by SMEs in specific disciplines. This ensures they can rapidly respond to the client’s specifications within the required schedule.


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Quality Assurance Advisory Service 

Our Quality Assurance (QA) Advisory Services operate throughout our engagements as both internal and external quality measurement.

  • We operate as independent QA to programmes inflight and differentiate ourselves through our engagement model.

  • This differentiation is built from our method of review, whereby our team provides phased QA of task and activity as opposed to residency over the programme. This gives the client a distinct advantage beyond cost optimisation.

  • Each element of our QA lifecycle utilises consultants with a detailed knowledge of the subject matter and not just those who are experienced in QA.

These elements ensure that the key criteria for the design, build and quality of the solution are appropriate and that our agile QA process can be successfully executed with minimal interruption to progress.


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Cost Optimisation Engine Room 

In partnership with our clients, we orchestrate cost optimisation as a service to finance long term investment within their business strategy. These engagements take the form of an engine room approach to develop a cost reduction opportunity, mapped through the standard procurement categories. This provides demonstrable savings and creates further investment to execute strategic initiatives. This is typically delivered over an eight to ten-week period.


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